Blow up your arms!

Exploding arms

Flexing the muscles above all!

To develop its arms, it is not a question of years but also execution technique. The goal, during a training exercise is to contract the muscles with the greatest possible intensity. The first thing to do is to train you so “properly”. We are not to lift the load, but to work and contract our muscles! The weight used is just to help us, that’s not the purpose. We must focus on muscle contraction, not the weight.

Specifically, if we take the example of a curl bar for biceps, observe several instructions to run an effective movement:

  • Avoid help the momentum by leaning forward and giving impetus to the back.
  • Avoid moving the elbows, which involves the front of the shoulder to the detriment of the biceps.
  • Maintain the maximum contraction 1 second at the end of the positive phase.
  • Slow the descent during the negative phase, it is much more productive remember that positive contractions.

In practice, these rules are often sacrificed to lift more weight and do more repetitions. By performing the exercise this way, muscle stimulation and development of the biceps will not be optimal. While making a series, it is above all work strictly by not focusing solely on the number of repetitions or load.
Change the way it works may lead to a significant decline usually lifted load. This was the case with my “guinea pig”, who found himself working with a vacuum Olympic bar.

Keep it simple

Personally, I am fortunate that my arms grow well, and I must rather be careful not to develop them. For those recalcitrant arms, it is generally suggested to limit the volume of training and do basic exercises.
Indeed, we often tend to do too much when you have one muscle group lagging behind, increasing repetitions, sets and exercises. If you think you are in this case already start by taking a good week of rest, without working your arms. And start with a good foundation, working on muscle contraction.

Arm modules

You will work your arms twice a week, alternating modules for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. You can for example module 1 on Monday and module 2 on Thursday.


  • Curl Bar: 4 * 8 reps
  • Curl dumbbell incline bench on: 3 10 *
  • Dips : 6*20


  • Curl dumbbell sitting: 4 * 10
  • Curl barre Gironda : 3*maximum
  • High pulley triceps: 4 * 6
  • Triceps contre un support (K1) : 3*maximum

Tips exercises


The curl bar is the basic exercise for the biceps. Choose the bar and decision that is most comfortable for you and work strictly.


Do both arms at the same time see an arm in both unilateral (advanced). Take lighter because the arms placed behind the body strongly stretch the biceps.


The curls Gironda or less “body drag curl” is one of the best exercises for biceps.


The dips will be performed by acquiring a shoulder width to support the work of the triceps. If you are unable to make sets of 20, start with fewer repetitions and increase them gradually progresses. The dips are very effective for developing the triceps.


Stand against a support or wall, hands apart 30 centimeters and have an arm flexion. Push to force triceps avoiding deviate elbows and keeping it rigid body. This exercise in the K1 Lafaymethod.

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