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Gain muscle, it’s not that complicated once you understand that a good training, proper nutrition and adequate rest are needed, simply set it and have patience. However, losing muscle, it’s even easier! Some practitioners also commit the worst mistakes that cause muscle loss. Here are the 5 most common.

Practicing every day

To build muscle, you have already destroyed, or rather create strain that forces muscles to adapt by creating new fibers. This is the main purpose of the training. So good training mobilizes many muscle fibers and creates an adequate amount of strain injuries.

Some practitioners therefore think that more they train, the more they will gain muscle. This is a reasoning holds. Except that muscles need rest in order to rebuild stronger. By training every day, these practitioners well destroy their muscles, but they do their leave no time to rebuild. So much so that they can successfully lose muscle, the opposite effect to that intended.

Not enough to feed

The drive causes microtrauma, as stipulated above. But it also increases the powerrequirements, either during exercise, but also afterwards. The body needs nutrients to rebuild and continue operating. By eating enough, there is no problem. But, if you starve your body, it will use stored fat reserves, carbohydrates but also proteins, that is to say the muscles.

This is what happens during a dry phase. But if you do correctly, consuming slightly less calories than your needs and providing enough protein to your body but also fat, then muscle loss will be lower and you still burn fat. By cons, drastically lowering your calorie intake and limiting fat to the extreme, then the loss will be muscle fast.

Eating little weight

What is this attitude? The Buffalo Grill Home salad! It is not with that he will keep his big muscles …

Sleeping little

The sleep is a necessary phase of the normal functioning of the body. It is during this period that performs most of the recovery work. It was also at this time that the body produces a large amount of growth hormones.

Not getting enough sleep, to sleepless nights is one of the worst mistakes to make. This inevitably leads to muscle loss because your hormone levels drop and your muscles do not have time to rebuild sufficient. In addition, you run out of juice in training and performance may drop.

Training irregularly

As said earlier, it is training that forces the adaptation of muscles and it is the recovery periodsthat allow this adaptation. Too much lead is bad. But to train too little is not favorable since the body is mismatched to the effort. The pace of the sessions is then insufficient to cause muscle building. Worse, if the sessions are spaced too, it is possible to lose muscle because the body considers them no longer really necessary.

Some practitioners are worst and train completely irregular. They stop for a long period of weeks by lack of motivation and, remorseful, they resume training, but every day. A big mistake, as we have already seen. This approach does qu’épuiser the body and then, during periods of inactivity, the push to désadapter. Thus it can be tiring for nothing while losing muscle. One step forward, two steps back!

Pushing to the extreme stress

If muscle stress is inseparable from the drive, be aware that the stress hormone, cortisol, has a catabolic effect. That is to say, it promotes muscle loss.

Some practitioners think he must train extensively to fully stimulate the muscles. Or, spend some training time, it is no longer profitable because it is not intense enough and cortisol production is too high. In other words, the stress on muscles exceeds the necessary limits.

Too much weight

By practicing too long sessions, so you do not gain anything, it is even the opposite, you risk losing muscle because your body is in a catabolic state overgrown. You will also have a harder time recovering and you might feel bad about yourself because this stress will follow you long.

Reminder of good habits

5 points above show you the best way to lose muscle. But what does a practitioner, it is win.We must therefore do everything the opposite.

We must alternate days of workouts and rest days to stimulate the muscles and let the rest then. We must eat enough to gain weight and manage them dry phases. It should also get enough sleep, around 7-8 hours, depending on your needs. It must also work out regularly taking breaks every now and then, but not too often. And finally, we must avoid long sessions and combat stress out of driving.

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