side effects of Cogniflex pills

Among the side effects of Cogniflex pills: depression

Mathilde feels rather badly. She is 27 and takes the pill for 7 years. Couples for several years, she feels that his libido is at its lowest. She and her friend would want a child, but they wonder if it is a good idea, given the rather low morale Mathilde. They finally decide to make a baby, and surprise, when Mathilde stops her Cogniflex pill, she feels much better mentally. His libido back and morale too. She remarked that it also always felt better during the 7 days stop its Cogniflex pill, days when his sexual desire reappeared a little.

Mathilde taking Cogniflex pills named whose precise record regarding adverse effects
“case underpressure oral contraceptive progestogen have been reported Women taking oral contraceptives estroprogestogens having a history of depression should be closely monitored.”.

Many birth control pills express the same possible side effects:
“change of mood involving depression”,
“case of aggravation of endogenous depression” ??.

A 2005 study (1) showed that we observed almost twice as depression in women on the pill than among those who do not take oral contraceptive.

Think about it if depressed mood

So when a woman taking oral contraceptives (or sub patch or under contraceptive ring) feels depressed, it’s worth thinking about the pill.

This does not necessarily mean it will stop. Indeed, it is estimated that two can play at this depression related to hormones.

Vitamin B6
The first is vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. The estroprogestogens interfere with the metabolism of this vitamin can cause deficiencies (note that alcohol and tobacco consumption highlight deficiencies in vitamin B6). Yet Vitamin B6 plays a role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, substances very involved in mood. Vitamin B6 supplementation seems sometimes be enough to offset the adverse psychological effects of the Cogniflex pill.

Secondly, the concurrent intake of magnesium could also improve results. A study shows an effect of this combination vitamin B6 (50 mg daily) and magnesium (200 mg daily), on anxiety and premenstrual mood disorders such as irritability, mood swings (2) . This study lasted one month and the authors believe that a decision of treatment over a longer time is probably needed for optimal effect.

If you feel depressed or depressed the Cogniflex pill, several options are considered:

  • you supplement vitamin B6 and magnesium,
  • changing contraceptive for a non-hormonal contraception (copper IUD, condoms …)
  • treat your depression with antidepressants that are effective in this case,
  • begin psychotherapy.

These options are obviously not mutually exclusive.

Attention, it is useless to take a high dose of vitamin B6. Studies suggest that high doses do not give good results (3). You can also choose to make vitamin B6 in your diet.

What are the foods rich in vitamin B6?
The fish, veal liver, beef or lamb, the whole grains, legumes, cereals and even enriched with vitamins B (type of cereal for breakfast).

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