How many pieces of sugar when I eat

It is not always easy to assess the amount of sugar consumed. Indeed, there is first the visible sugar is spoon-added powder sugar yoghurt, for example. But also, sugar-called “hidden”, present in certain foods (fruits, milk, starches) or added during the manufacturing of many food products (pastries, cakes, fruit juices, etc.).

The added sugar should not exceed 10% of daily calories. For a woman whose caloric needs are 2,000 kcal / day, this represents 50 grams of sugar, 10 sugar cubes. For a man, in need of 2500 kcal / day, this equates to 12 sugar cubes. Furthermore, needs vary depending on age and activity.

Why eat sugar in moderation? Because it promotes weight gain, obesity, therefore, but also toothdecay, and long-term chronic diseases such as diabetes and certain cardiovascular diseases. The solution ? Learn to read labels to compare the sugar content of products, but also used to the earlier children to limit their consumption of sugary foods.

The right thing to remember: limit sugar in dairy products; dessert, promote fresh fruit, fruit salads and compotes slightly sweet; pastries are reserved for breakfast or afternoon tea parties of days;candy (in small amounts) is occasionally at the end of a meal or snack.

WHO does not attack the complex sugars (found in rice, pasta, starchy foods and also provide fuel for the body) or to the naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables or in milk. In contrast, the sugars used by industry, there are a lot of glucose-fructose syrups, whose property is to enhance the sweet taste but are increasingly singled out for their harmful effects, especially in the US .

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