Image Revive: Health Benefits, Facts and Research

Image Revive To retain a youthful appearance and to disappear the horrible look of aging marks, women try many remedies but not all the remedies show the expected results. The main cause of deflated skin is the loss of moisture. Skin can be plumped up by increasing your hydration level. There are many types of signs of aging which may appear on the skin after some age and these signs make the face look ugly and boring. Today industry of beauty has come forward with many amazing products to combat against these signs of aging. If you want to achieve a healthy skin then must use Image Revive which is a new advanced age – defying formula which promises to diminish the appearance of aging signs and to replenish the skin to make your skin youthful and flawless.

What is Image Revive?

It is the natural age defying and skin rejuvenating serum which has designed to restore the moisture of the skin by keeping your skin hydrated and by supporting the development of your new skin cells. It removes the fine lines, under eye dark circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet and inhabit the more formation of aging signs. By preventing the water loss it keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized all the time. By adding this serum to the daily routine your skin will be firm, radiant and bright in just some days without any side effect. It can be used on oily, dry and normal types of skins. Image Revive  is also helpful in treating other skin conditions such as puffiness, irritation and eczema. This dual action serum is ideal for those women who are finding an effective and comprehensive treatment option. It has helped many users restore their beautiful and youthful skin.

How it works?

Majority of product only treats the skin surface but this product goes beyond and above and absorbs into the dermal layer of the skin. The dermal layer is where the skin cells are located and aging starts. When the solution reaches your dermal layer then it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen compounds. The elastin and collagen compounds improve, revitalize and enhance the skin cells so that the surface of the skin gain the support which it needs to appear age less. It also prevents the skin from damage by free radicals and harmful sun rays.

Ingredients of Image Revive

1- Vitamin C: It is one of the essential vitamin which plump the skin and improve overall texture of the skin. It removes the look of dark spots, discoloration and tanning to provide more glowing and brighter skin. It also increase the production of collagen which helps to make your skin firm, healthy and flexible.

2- Antioxidant: It neutralize the side effects of free radicals that are molecules which injure your skin cells and enhance inflammation. Antioxidant helps the damaged skin cells to heal by rejuvenating and reviving the skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

3- Face firming peptide: The level of collagen and elastin decreases while growing age therefore the skin loses fat and becomes thin which causes to develop sag and wrinkles. Elastin and collagen enable your skin in order to maintain its youthful, plump and smooth appearance. Peptide helps to promote elastin and collagen level to your skin to elevate its suppleness, elasticity and firmness. It also aids to keep the skin smooth and soft by increasing moisture level.

Benefits of this product

1- Restricted the appearance of wrinkles and stubborn fine linings.

2- Improves the vibrancy and face moisture.

3- Plumps up the skin health and generates your new skin cell.

4- Pain or injection free solution.

5- Improves firmness level and hydration of face.

6- Best alternative to Botox and laser.

7- Clinically approved and tested by FDA.

8- Image Revive repairs the dermal layer of the skin and restricts the aging process.

9- Brightens the skin.

10- Lightens the tone of your skin.

11- Nourish your skin deeply.

12- Restrict the dryness and irritation of face.

13- Make skin smooth, healthy and resilient.

14- Restricts dark circle formation and puffiness.

15- Makes the skin radiant.

16- Enhanced collagen production and elastin.

17- Makes the skin look beautiful and healthy.

Is it safe to use?

Image Revive is enriched with a mixture of powerful natural ingredients and is safe to use. All its ingredients are well tested by the renowned scientists in order to provide you safe results. This serum is free from fillers, chemicals and binders. If you have any doubt about its results then take a small patch test of this formula by taking its risk free trial pack.


1- Consult the skin expert, prior to use of it.

2- Not suitable product for an allergic skin type.

3- Kept away from children.

4- Only for external use.

5- If seal is broken then do not use it.

6- Carefully read the instructions on the box of the product.

7- Try to use it regular for effective and better results.

8- Store it in dry and cool place.

9- Patch test is necessary for the further assurance of Image Revive.

10- Not for the women under 30 of age.

11- Rinse your face in case of itching or allergy.

More things to do

1- Drink plenty of water: Drink about 9 to 12 glasses of water in order to keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

2- Quit smoking: Smoking leads to wrinkles, pigmentation and bad skin. So it is suggested to quit cigarette smoking to maintain the youthful appearance.

3- Follow a skin care routine: You are advised to follow a skin care routine that contains moisturizing, cleansing and toning. Moisturizing can help to improve skin texture and cleansing is important to get rid of gunk.

4- Get proper rest: If you do not get enough rest and are tired then your skin appears sullen and dull. Therefore take proper rest to look beautiful and fresh.

Where to buy it?

You can buy it from its website.

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