Is the tarantula Brachypelma albiceps is aggresive?

Ba no I do not think it’s disgusting (I have no fear of spiders), but for me it is not a pet. There is no “tarantula” docile but less aggressive animals in their Nature, the victim of its success Brachypelma gradually disappear from their natural environment and so always check the source (of livestock). I know the Brachypelma smithi (but not albiceps I suppose they are like a can?) his Tarantulas are very quiet (with exceptions) also are used in movies and to fight against arachnophobia …. if you really expect to have a tarantula offers him an environment down by filling you up is not not a purchase to be taken lightly. The female can live 20 years and more -> is not nothing important to get tired ….

Why some men love women are not beautiful not sexy when man loves sex so?

Hear me I will answer you honestly I Mappel Louise I am from Canada jai 40 and all my teeth, I have a lot of experiences, when some men are rendud the to want to frequent women’s more or moin pretty and not too sexy, and well this is his men went to a serious stage and they want serious then they vonts to its ladies and also it is a lot to offer, the simplisité, tenderness the TRUE authenticity, AND WITH HIS WOMEN LA, sest men will not really disappointed, and they sonts Turned to have easy girls, the first night then this is the reason ,, and then with too sexy and too beautiful girls, they never naurons trusts in them !!! and this is true because her daughters all that their import to please and this is still pleasing and voila my opinion ,, ,, I Mappel Louise and I am from Canada jai 40 and all my teeth ,,, friendly ,,, Louise has more, i hope I can help a tai to understand !!! see you soon, Lou

Beauty is a sliding scale.
Some girls who are not in current cannons of beauty in big blonde, (too) thin, yet the blue eyes are very pretty.Viewing the body of Marilyn Monroe for example, well it looks like a “little sausage” by today’s standards but it is the “sex symbol” absolute. On the other hand Isabelle Adjani or Arielle Dombasle are beautiful for sure … But when I see them I seem to see an ice cube without interest.
When the sexy side is there too very variable, personally I prefer by far a girl reserved but hopefully hides a volcano … Let us be clear Mother Denis is not my thing, but “beautiful” and “sexy” is a question point of view, and every man to his own taste on it.

Intensive sports program?

Hello … So here, in three weeks, I pass a small exam with sporting events … It’s not a hellish thing, but there is a test to overcome Luc Leger, traction, etc .. .
I am currently not so, and I’m going to train every day, I promise …
But, you know a website that tells how training quickly and well?
Some kind of program I could impose myself during a month…

Why nowadays there are so many people who can not write French without making a mistake?

On discussion forums, work, in the emails we receive, in short everywhere, I see that nobody knows write French.We wrote to her! And that is also present even in people with a university tray. It is incomprehensible that we do not even know the few basic rules (which everyone should know). When I am unsure of the spelling of a word, I take at least the dictionary to be sure.
Update: Yes I read you Plappo, and very easily yourself. If I translate: Hello
If you can read this, you also have a funny brain. Can you read this? Only 55 percent of people are able. I could not believe my eyes that I may be able to understand what I was reading. The phenomenal power of the human brain. According to research done at the University of Cambridge, no matter the order in which the letters are, the only important thing is that the first and last letters of the word be in the right place. The raoisn is the huamn mnid deos ceverau not read the words by letter but rather as a whole. Amazing is not it? And I’ve always thought that spell was important to know!


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