Medical Error?

Hello everyone, voilàa I expose my problem. I was hospitalized for a lumbar puncture February 12 in a hospital. 13 morning neurologist stung me 8 times without success. The next day, assisted by a radiologist they stung me 3 times. I suffered martyrdom. Saturday as I went very wrong and went to the neurologist on Wednesday canada ie 11 bites the next day, gave me a “bluepatch” to relieve myself. I was readmitted to a hospital another because I went very wrong. I went out yesterday and I am in a pitiable state. I walk with a cane and I suffer martyrdom at the small of my back. A “good” neurologist prescribed me an MRI which is OK. Do you think I can ask for compensation for work stoppage and suffering (stop of several months was I yesterday) to excellent! neurologist holiday party that stung me 11 times in all. If so, how. I certify that everything is true, unfortunately for me.

I just finished a case for medical malpractice!
ask your complete file, take a lawyer it’s easier! (jen ‘was able to have my file, it is he that he Recycling)! must justify your sufferings play experts, keep everything in order of your care both blood tests and medical reports! we just do not say allowances for work stoppage but moral, physical and financial damage are asked 3! good chance !!! and Courage

For repair of a medical error, you must demonstrated three elements:
– the existence of proven misconduct: Is failure and repeated bites one? This will be the expert to decide …
– the injury: it may be constituted, in this case, for the suffering (praetium doloris) and in particular the work stoppage;
– the the existence of a causal link between the fault and the damage: the pains of which you complain they are the direct consequence of sustained action? Again, it will be possible to determine the expertise.
At first, therefore seeks advice to your GP.

Yes we must quickly seek medical expertise. A lasuite what you’ll be able to hire a lawyer
without medical expertise you have no chance because the answer will be your specialist that your morphology are the cause of these tests and that it did not make any mistakes (in the course c ‘ Are you really lousy and did well it is working) and if you let pass the time you’ll do more in the same context
Takes ave Contact the Medical Association to guide you

11 bites !! c jamis saw it !! you must see your doctor urgently and a finding by a medical expert who will tell you if there is professional fault or not !!

Medical wages?

They told me things, and I wanted to verify the truth.
I was told that a nurse’s aide earned between 1400 and 1900 euros per mois.Est this true?
I was told that infirmiére earned between 1600 and 2000 euros per mois.Est this true?

Yes I have worked in the medical field I was an auxiliary of life but I had 1300 euros net and colleagues carer 1600 euros and 1900 euros nurses. But we must have courage to make these business and human qualities if he leave me the chance to become carer I would like to but it’s just not lost funding.

Please refer to the Labour Code (Art R4624-10 to R.4624-32.) Business leaders have obligations and must among other “Taking transportation costs and time required for medical examinations including additional tests. This time is to be taken on employees working hours with no wage restraint can not be done or paid as normal working time if these examinations can not take place during the hours. The refusal of an employee to undergo a compulsory medical examination may be a cause for justified dismissal. Voili voilou in Hoping to have been clear.

The medical examination takes place during working hours if it does not agree it sends a letter to his employer against discharge in that direction, just to protect themselves. She also contacted CIRA IN 3939

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