Svprenseignement urgently on medical visit?

veiled jai a friend who has to go to a company it must pass directly urine of analyzing the problem c is that knows a smoker “bedo” type 1 a 2 day
how Temp his remains in the urine and how to try erase the tracks
I have heard drinking a lot of coffee or tea water to eliminate
and also to drink 1.5 l of water just before analysis and so it eliminates that the water is this true
thank you
Update: g32 tai i thank you but to ask judge to finally learn my short people like you always have yen
Update 2: the job he never smoke only in the evening in front of the TV before sleeping is not an unconscious
  I smoke but not when I spend my medical I n finally arrived not urinate I didn t had the whole I want does not like me when it imposes, it can take the pot and then tell a doctor that there is a blockage and that he ny unable Furthermore it can pass through, my personal is my no means took the lead for this and less that they have big doubts about your friend I think that it can do the same thing.
Kiss and good luck Ps; oh it’s good !! it can work while smoking is the No matter what, I see people not very clear and have high responsibility positions! coward that he especially not the case, they will make a fuss the other!Although his will although it stopped but the question was how to conceal ca and not how to do it stop !!!
In some companies it is unthinkable to have a “smoking” to certain positions.
You’d be shocked if the first one alcoholic was well soaked your blood tests, for example? or repairing the engine of your car? or driving your train?
So your friend stops and becomes an adult, while it is not too damaged.
to my knowledge it takes four months to erase all traces of illicit substances … actually drink plenty of water can dilute and thus weaken the traces but nothing plus.désormais it will be increasingly controlled, especially in case of accident even flow with the injury or death resulted …
when we play this game you have to wait a day or the other to pay the price … and the easier it would not stop this cnsommation?
Normally, if they search for narcotics, they report in advance. If this is not specified, it should not have to worry about. Otherwise, it’s still three weeks in the urine and 6 months in the hair. You must drink a lot of milk (which is disappearing faster suspect molecules in the blood). Sure, he drinks more and the fewer marks, but it does not erase completely. That said, I’ll be bastard, but he must assume. If need not consume weed for its taf, then this is it does not profile: it is as if he had not requested degrees.
(inserted by Act No. 2002-303 of March 4, 2002 art 11 Official Journal of 5 March 2002.)Everyone has access to all information held by health professionals and health institutions, which are formalized and have contributed to the development and monitoring of diagnosis and treatment or preventive action, or have been written exchanges between healthcare professionals, including test results, reports consultation, intervention, exploration or hospitalization, prescriptions and therapeutic protocols implemented, monitoring sheets, correspondence between health professionals, with the exception of information mentioning that they were collected from third parties not intervening in the therapeutic management or third parties regarding such. It can access this information directly or through a doctor designated by it and obtain communication in conditions defined by regulation no latest within eight days of the request and at the earliest after a forty-eight hours cooling off period has been observed. This period is extended to two months when medical information dating back more than five years or when the departmental committee on psychiatric brought before it pursuant to the fourth paragraph. The presence of a third person during the consultation of certain information may be recommended by the doctor who established or being custodian, for reasons relating to the risks that their knowledge without accompaniment would pose to the person concerned. The refusal of the latter does not prevent disclosure of such information. Exceptionally, the consultation of the information collected, as part of a hospital at the request of one third or involuntary hospitalization may be subject to the presence of a doctor designated by the applicant in cases of particularly serious risks. If the applicant’s refusal, the departmental committee on psychiatric is entered. Its opinion is required as the holder of the information to the applicant. Subject to the opposition under Article L. 1111-5, in the case of a minor, the right of access is exercised by or holders of parental authority. At the request of the minor, this access takes place via a doctor. In case of death of the patient, assigns access to his medical records is done in accordance with the last paragraph of Article L. 1110-4. Examination in situ of the information is free.Where the applicant wishes of copies, whatever support costs left to bear can not exceed the cost of reproduction and, where appropriate, the sending of documents.

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