The weight training program

Recovery Program

In real life, it is not always possible to be 100% and always at its best especially when you get older. We all face the same phenomenon, the judgment of the weights for longer or shorter periods and the inevitable loss of muscle.
Just yesterday I was talking to a visitor who had lost almost 7 kilos following the resumption of work backbreaking and sagging in training.
What you should know is that the lost muscle back fast enough, we talk about muscle memory,but it must also provide the means.
Being myself in a recovery phase with many lost weight, I noticed the return of almost 1.4kg in less than a week, with noticeable results in muscle volume. This is probably mainly a restocking glycogen but whatever the results are.

It is generally advised to resume training slowly, making sessions without forcing with lighter weight. This solution is the best I think, as the recovery by forcing often ends with body aches more than 10 days and only delays the return level.
At the level of supply, it is necessary to regularly and eat again sufficient quantity. Normally, the resumption of training gives your body the appetite and makes you know. In my case, I preferred to go slowly so as not to saturate the digestive system.

Psychologically, it’s not easy to resume weight training workout, you feel thin, weak and everyone tells you that you have lost weight. We said we should never have we better stop or abandon the sport, but this phase is temporary, the good feelings come back fast enough.

Back to basics

For my recovery, I decided to return to a training program I have long practiced. This bodybuilding program is only temporary. All I hope is that it will give me the gift of the arms and shoulders quickly and chest and the back will follow. In the lower limbs, back in will be more gradual. Indeed, this program is a little light at the lower limbs which partly explains why my legs have long been lagging behind relative to the torso.
I hope to see my level of 2001, but I know it will not happen in a month.

The weight training program

This is a split program 4 times a week, with a shoulder-arm meeting, a leg, a chest and a back. I took over the years in close detail. Many series are performed pyramidal, other fixed format.



  • Behind the neck at the Smith machine: 6 * (15/12/8/6/6)
  • Developed dumbbells: 4 * 10
  • Elevations side cables: 3 12 *


  • Curl Bar: 4 * (12/10/8/6)
  • Dumbbell Curl: 4 * (12/10/8/6)
  • Curl desk: 3 * 8


  • Front bar: 4 * (12/10/8/6)
  • Extensions above the head: 4 * 10
  • High pulley: 3 10 *


  • Crunches: 6 * 20
  • Lateral bending oblique: 3 15 *



  • Squat: 6 * (20/15/12/12/12/12)
  • Leg-extension: 6 * 12
  • Leg-curl hamstrings: 6 * 15


  • Calves standing: 6 * 15
  • Calves sitting: 4 * 20





  • Bench Press: 6 * (20/15/9/6/3/3)
  • Incline Dumbbell: 4 * 10
  • Apart lying: 3 12 *
  • Sweater: 3 15 *


  • Crunches: 6 * 20
  • Lateral bending oblique: 3 15 *



  • Pushups: 6 * 12
  • Low pulley drawing floor: 5 * (15/12/8/6/6)
  • Deadlift: 5 * (20/12/10/8/6)
  • Shrug trapezoids: 4 * 15


  • Leg press calves: 6 * 15
  • Calves sitting: 4 * 20





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